I am a self-taught, multi genre artist. The work I create includes but is not limited to sculptural assemblages, dolls, improvisational quilts, fabric with found objects, fiber collage, paper collage, and poetry. My imagination is rich with ideas and my curiosity continually moves me to explore new possibilities and challenges. I am not fixed on a particular “style,” nor do I work from sketches or plans. I describe my process as free-ranging and intuitive.

I incorporate a variety of materials, techniques and tools in my outdoor workshop and small studio inside my home. Materials include sticks, stones, fiber, bones, paint, paper, metal, clay and found objects. Techniques employ hand sculpting, machine sewing and hand stitching fabrics, bonding, painting, staining, collaging and assembling. Some of the tools I use are a table saw, band saw, scroll saw, belt sander, dremel and drill.

My art is inspired by everything around me, and the ever unfolding magic of being a part of this mystery we call “life.” Each piece is imbued with a token of my inner dialogue – capturing my hopes, fears, doubts, moods, dreams and longings. Some works are playful and irreverent, while others are soulful and introspective. Through them, I share a part of my humanity, my story, and my vision.